Chair Bag XL for Fishing chairs, Dimansions (L / B / H) 75 x 80 x 25 cm

Item number LX-975

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Our Lucx carrying bags have been designed specifically for almost every available bedchair. The focus of the development was not only comfortable transport but also protecting the material of the bedchairs / chairs. Equipped with reinforced carrying handles and an extra wide shoulder strap, the transport of almost all bedchairs becomes a cinch. In addition, the bag has been double-stitched and reinforced at all critical points! Thanks to the stain-resistant PVC, this bag is easily cleaned.

Of course, the bag can be used with all Lucx bedchairs (there's even enough space for other objects), but it's ideal for all Lucx 6-leg bedchairs!

Warning: The Lucx bedchair is NOT included! It only serves to illustrate the size / decoration!

Technical data

  • the extra-wide / thick shoulder strap makes for easy transport
  • reinforced padding
  • made of high quality materials
  • Measurements: H: 85 x W: 80 x D: 20 cm
  • Color: Lucx olive green


Questions/comments about the product

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