Lucx Landing Net Dreamcatcher 42"- Carbon - Net green

Lucx Landing Net Dreamcatcher 42"- Carbon - Net green

Item number LX-N01

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The landing net for your dreamfish “Dreamcatcher”

With the 42" large landing net, which is very light due to the carbon handle, inserting the dream fish is no problem and an absolute pleasure. The sufficient range due to the two-piece and 1.80 m long landing net handle is ideal for boat anglers and shore anglers.

Overview of equipment:

  • 42" (approx. 100cm) long landing net thighs
  • Two-piece carbon landing net rod 1.80 m
  • Fish-friendly fine-mesh net
  • practical case for storage and transport

Package included:

  • landing net (complete)
  • matching case

Technical data


  • Length handle: 180 cm
  • Length landing net thigh: 42" (approx. 100 cm)
  • Weight: approx. 890 g
  • Transport dimensions: 106 x 9 x 6.5 cm


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