Lucx Ground Nails Set 14 pcs. for Bivvy, Tents etc.

Set of 14 pegs for bivvy, tents, etc.

Lucx Ground Nails Set 14 pcs. for Bivvy, Tents etc.

Item number LX-2011

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14 professional tent pegs including bag for bivvy tents+throw, fishing tents, brolly, carp tents, umbrellas and camping tents

The pegs are made of galvanised steel and are therefore very robust and rustproof, and are also equipped with a very sturdy tip. Thanks to the thread, they can be easily sunk even in hard ground.

The pegs are delivered in a practical case bag, which makes packing and unpacking very quick and easy.

Technical data

- Wide T-shaped robust plastic handle 
- Rubberized tip protection 
- Length: 21 cm 
- Diameter: approx. 7 mm


Item ID 758724
Manufacturer Lucx
Content 1 piece

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