Gift voucher Lucx

Lucx Gift Voucher

Gift voucher Lucx


EUR 21.01 *
Content 1 piece
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Not yet a gift idea for your/your loved one (s)/buddy?

Then the gift certificate is just the thing! The voucher will be sent out. If you need the voucher faster, we will send you on request (please let me know!) a digital version (PDF) after receipt of payment via e-mail. The voucher is redeemed in the shopping cart by entering the voucher code. The credit available then can be credited to an order.

Attention: The vouchers are excluded from discounts and discounts! A withdrawal is not possible!

Technical data


Item ID 761394
Manufacturer Lucx
Content 1 piece
Weight 10 g
Net weight 10 g
Dimensions 10×10×1mm

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