Unhooking Mat ,,Carp Cloud +''

Lucx Carp Cloud and unhooking mat, unhooking mat, carp cradle.

Unhooking Mat ,,Carp Cloud +''

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The new version of the popular Lucx unhooking mat “Carp Cloud +” - an indispensable companion for careful handling of carp and co.

We listened to our customers and adapted the popular Lucx Carpcloud model to customer requirements.

Even thicker padded and with reinforced side walls for those who like it even more stable.

This extremely thick padded mat is the perfect bed for our darlings. The bottom is removable, and under it there is a rubber mesh reinforced opening to drain excess water. The sturdy side panel reinforced with PE contains a sewn-in pocket for carpcare accessories (disinfectants) and other small aids you need when unhooking and feeding the fish. The padding and coating of the interior ensures all-round protection for the animals!

How to use: place
the caught fish in the padded mat to hook off and keep it moist well. To protect the fish from sunlight and wind, it is recommended to cover the fish with the cover.

Box contents: unhooking mat

Technical data


Item ID 865204
Manufacturer Lucx
Content 1 piece
Weight 6200 g
Net weight 4800 g
Dimensions 530×230×100mm

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