Lucx unhooking mat Carp cloud,

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With this product from Lucx we can offer you a quality unhooking mat "Carp Cloud". Due to its size, it is suitable for almost all types of fish and even for larger predator fish!

This generously padded mat is the optimal bed for our favourite fish. The ground sheet is removable and beneath of it there is an ,with rubber mesh reinforced, aperture that works like a drain  for the remaining water. There is a sewn-in bag for carpcare equipment within the side wall. Because of the padding and coating in the internal space a roundly protection of the animal is secured.

You are purchasing ONLY the unhooking mat! All other items in the pictures (Lucx sleeping bag, Lucx fishing tent, Lucx trolley) are for illustration purposes only! However, all these can also be found in our shop!

Technical data


  • length: 114 cm 
  • width: 63 cm
  • height: 25 cm


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