Lucx Bedchair comfort, 8 Legs

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One of our best-selling models!

We offer you a very high quality bedchair by "Lucx"! Convince yourself of the truly excellent quality!

  • 8 adjustable legs, suited even for uneven terrain
  • Rotary and foldable stand system with large plate legs that prevent sinking into the soft ground (mud foot)
  • Only high quality materials, otherwise seen only in much more expensive products!
  • The backrest is adjustable in several stages, and therefore also usable as a chair!
  • Aluminum shaft construction - thus very easily at max. Load capacity up to 230kg  
  • Aluminum frame is painted and therefore weatherproof
  • Thermal cover provides reliable protection from the cold and affords comfortable sitting / lounging.
  • Seat & cover are easy to clean, 100% 600D polyester / PVC and water-repellent
  • 8 individually and continuously adjustable legs ensure high stability even on uneven surfaces.
  • Well padded and removable pillow with zipper
  • For better sleeping comfort, an additional removable mattress (2 cm thick) with a fleece covering has been added to the lower padding.
  • These can be removed using the velcro strips in seconds.
  • The velcro strips ensure that the mattress does not slip when turning over in your sleep.

Technical data


  • 210 cm long
  • 85 cm wide
  • 38 cm high

Transport dimensions: 

  • 84cm*80cm*20cm



  • 9,5 kg


Questions/comments about the product

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