Lucx unhooking mat XL, including knee protection

Item number LX-601

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With this product from Lucx we can offer you a quality unhooking mat. Due to its size, it is suitable for almost all types of fish and even for larger predator fish!

A special coating on this unhooking mat protects the sensitive mucous membranes of the fish from injury. This way, the fish can be lowered again into the water, unharmed.

The inside of this unhooking mat (outer edge) is filled with Styrofoam balls. It also has a practical knee pad. Since this unhooking mat can be folded once in the middle, its transport does not represent a problem in spite of its size.

An absolute "must - have" for all anglers among you who want to "catch and release"!

You are purchasing ONLY the unhooking mat! All other items in the pictures (Lucx sleeping bag, Lucx fishing tent, Lucx trolley) are for illustration purposes only! However, all these can also be found in our shop!

Size: 130 cm x 90 x 10 cm