Lucx Heavy Duty Groundsheet for Leopard Bivvy

Item number LX-422GS

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Extra thick bottom sheet/ Heavy Duty Groundsheet

Strong and rubberized tarpaulin for the Lucx Leopard Bivvy!

The perfect protection against sharp stones, roots, mud and animals that could enter the bivvy. In addition, this Bodden ensures perfect thermal insulation and reliably protects against moisture.

  • Perfect cut for the Lucx Leopard Bivvy
  • Rubberized coating
  • Extremely robust and durable material
  • Thermal insulation from the floor
  • Easy to clean
  • Zip fastener connection

Important note:

The zipper of this floor cover is only suitable for the newer Lucx Leopard models with the plastic tooth zipper (as shown on the picture) and not for the older models with the spiral zipper.

Technical data


  • length: 325 cm
  • width: 300 cm


Questions/comments about the product

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