Lucx Sleeping bag Nightcat, -20 Degrees celsius

Item number LX-217

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Chic, comfortable and multifunctional sleeping bag from Lucx. The soft and very warm fleece lining inside protects you from extreme coldness.

We wanted to create a sleeping bag that provides a comfortable usage from head to toe, thats why the sleeping bag will be delivered within a carrying bag that can be opened easily by a zipper. The sleeping bag would fit perfectly on one of our campbeds. Thanks to its "Super-Grip" system that makes sliding on the floor or campbed almost impossible.

  • Coldness protection until -30 degrees celsius
  • High Quality fleece inner coating in combination with air cells providing a high grade insulation
  • A case over the zipper protects against cold air
  • The complete outer coating is made of extreme solid 210T Polyester
  • Sturdy Zipper on both sides, which can be secured with velcro tapes
  • including high quality water resistant carrying bag

The sleeping bags can be used with a campbed of your choice as well. Or just free in mother nature. A campbed is not necessary.


Technical data

Measurements and weight:

  • length: 230cm
  • width: 115cm
  • height: 9cm
  • weight:3700 grams
  • color: army green




Questions/comments about the product

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